Factors Affecting Antibiotic Activity in Chicken

 :There are three factors that the antibiotic activity depends on

Spectrum: The spectrum of the antibiotic used determines the extent of its activity and its effect on gram positive and gram-negative bacteria. The spectral effect of antibiotics is divided broad (affecting both positive and negative bacteria) or narrow (affecting positive or negative bacteria separately) always prefer of broad-spectrum antibiotics in field use.

Resistance of bacteria to antibiotics: Antibiotics may be resistant to some antibiotics, limiting their use and reducing their field value, so field practitioners should rely on an antibiotic sensitivity test to choose the appropriate antibiotic before starting treatment.

Easy access of the antibiotic to the location of the reproduction of bacteria and infected tissues : The intestinal absorption and tissue proliferation of antibiotic plays the main role in determining the access of the antibiotic with a suitable concentration of the body organ without the other and is therefore selected for the treatment of a specific disease such as lung diseases, for example, kidney and so on.