Control and quality

Quality control and testing at all stages of the product

The feed formula is based on plant raw materials and its oils, mainly represented in yellow corn,
soya bean meal and gluten meal, and is subject to good laboratory control and testing at all
stages of manufacturing to ensure its quality.

  • Receiving raw materials: A sample of raw materials is withdrawn and examined, then chemically
    analyzed and an analysis of mycotoxins is carried out. Based on the result, the materials are
    accepted or rejected
  • Biosecurity measures are followed on containers before storage
  • Storage of materials inside the factory according to the type and nature of each raw material
    with periodic control.
  • The feed composition is prepared according to the recommendations of the World Feed
    Organization for poultry. The raw materials are taken separately from each silo Based on their
    percentage in formula by an automatic program without any possibility of human error.
  • Grind in the crushers to homogenize the size
  • In addition to the feed, anti-mycotoxins, anti-fungal, anti-coccidia, anti-clostridia, digestive
    enzymes, growth promoters and feed additives are supported with essential amino acids such as
    methionine, lysine, threonine, valine and tryptophan to improve the nutritional efficiency of the
    plant raw materials used to ensure the highest growth rates.
  • Mix the ingredients well with continuous check to ensure that the mixture is homogenous to the
  • CThe feed is transferred to special silos to prepare it to steam thermal treatment, and then
  • Cooling is the last stages of pellet feed processing.
  • Crumbling is the last stages of crumble feed processing.
  • The feed is then withdrawn to the packing tanks, sorted by each type, then weighed and
    packaged automatically.
  • A sample of each lot is withdrawn for analysis and then acted after the results of the analysis for
    storage in a final product store according to good storage conditions.