Namaa for feed manufacturing

Plant feeds made from the best feed raw materials and manufactured by the latest modern techniques in feed manufacturing under the supervision of a professors and experts in the poultry nutrition.


The factories are located in the second industrial zone of Qweisna on an area of 10000 square meters

The production capacity is 60 tons / hour

European production lines contribute to giving the final product specifications with high quality

A modern transport fleet to provide the product to the consumer as quickly as possible

Manufacturing by the latest technology in the feed industry

Quality control laboratory is the key factor in our success. It analyzes all materials used in manufacturing and final product analysis to ensure quality.

The company provides after sales service through the teamwork of consultants in poultry diseases and nutrition.

The company has many big distributors throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.

about about
about about

Our policy

  • Our products are not only for the development of poultry and animal wealth, but also environment friendly, healthy and free from any contaminants that limit their nutritional value.
  • At Namaa Feed Company, we commit to provide our customers healthy products with high quality, safe and environment friendly and committed to produce that products in an environment free of pollutants and any harmful causes to human, animals, birds and other environmental elements in which we work and live.
  • In order to continue to do so, we are also committed the following :
  • 1- Ensure the satisfaction of our customers and communicate with all the supporting poles and participate in the production and delivery of our products as well as communicate with the regulatory and legislative authorities regarding the safety and quality of our production.
  • 2- To be the leading model in the protection of the environment in which we work and live and reduce the wasteful use and consumption of natural resources in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.
  • 3- The company works to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational diseases.
  • 4- Full compliance with the legal and legislative requirements of Egypt and the region in the field of our work.
  • 5- Continue to improve the effectiveness of the implementation of the integrated system of quality, environment, food safety and occupational safety and health in accordance with the latest international standards for management systems.
  • 6- Continuous improvement of all the company's activities to remain the outstanding and pioneering model at the local and regional level.


أعلاف ذات جودة عالية تحت اشراف فريق من الاساتذة و الخبراء

Our vision

To be Namaa company of the pioneers of the poultry feed industry in Egypt and provide our customers with added value represented in achieving the best feed conversion ratio and the period of broiler fattening, which will reduce the cost and increase the revenue to our customers, that the company during the first five years began to complete the rest of the poultry industry integration.

Our message

1- Study the needs of customers and work to fulfill it.

2- Employ the available capabilities in the company in terms of:
- Modern European equipment.
- trained human resources with expertise and high efficiency.
- Agreements with the largest American companies working in the poultry feed industry to take advantage of accumulated experience in achieving the best feed conversion ratio and reduce the duration of the broiler fattening period and thus reduce costs and increase the revenue of our customers.

3- Provide a diet of poultry feed to our customers free of mycotoxins.

4- Continuous development of our products with constant monitoring of quality and maintaining good environment.

Our goal

To put our company in the ranks of the first-grade companies in the manufacture of poultry feed and to achieve for our customers the highest possible revenue through:

1. To achieve the best feed conversion ratio

2. Reduction of the duration of the broiler fattening period

3. When we can achieve the above both objectives then we have added a brick in that promising industry.


Qweisna Company for Agricultural Development

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